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Why it’s a Wise Investment to Use Airbnb in Victoria

Why it’s a Wise Investment to Use Airbnb in Victoria


The allure of investing in Airbnb properties has been irresistible for many, with the platform offering a unique opportunity to tap into the booming global tourism industry. One particular location that has become a hot spot for Airbnb investment is Victoria, Canada. Now, you may ask, Why is Airbnb in Victoria, Canada, such a great investment? Here, we’ll dive into the numbers and facts to provide you with a clear answer.

Why Airbnb in Victoria, Canada, is a Great Investment: Crunching the Numbers

There’s a wealth of statistical data that shines a light on why investing in Airbnb properties in Victoria is such an attractive prospect.

The Irresistible Draw of Victoria’s Tourism Industry

Victoria’s pull as a tourist destination is undeniable. Nearly 4 million visitors annually visit Greater Victoria. These tourists pour in to experience the city’s cultural richness, historical landmarks, lush parks, and captivating waterfront. 

Imagine having a slice of the accommodation needs of these 4 million visitors through Airbnb. That’s vast market potential at your disposal!

Why it's a Wise Investment to Use Airbnb in Victoria introduction

High Demand for Airbnb Accommodations

The city’s high demand for short-term rentals underpins the potential for great returns. According to Inside Airbnb data, Victoria had approximately 1,260 active Airbnb listings in 2023, serving a population of over 85,792. That’s roughly one Airbnb listing for every 65 residents!

Impressive Rental Returns

The rental yields for Victoria Airbnb properties are nothing short of impressive. As per the data from AirDNA, the average daily rate for an Airbnb rental in Victoria was $156 in 2023. The city’s Airbnb hosts enjoy high occupancy rates, typically over 84% during peak tourist seasons, according to the same data.

Peeling Back the Layers of the Airbnb Market in Victoria

As we delve into the Airbnb market in Victoria, it’s essential to understand the landscape’s intricacies. Let’s peel back the layers to better understand what makes this marketplace tick.

  1. Seasonal Fluctuations

Like most tourist-centric markets, Victoria’s Airbnb market experiences significant seasonal fluctuations. Peak seasons, typically from May to September, see a surge in demand and often higher rental rates, while the colder months may see slightly lower demand.

  1. Legal Landscape

Victoria’s short-term rental rules allow homeowners to rent out their entire home for 30 days a year and spare rooms year-round if they live on the premises. This relatively flexible and welcoming legal environment further fuels the Airbnb market’s growth in the city.

  1. Market Trends

Victoria’s Airbnb market has seen continual growth, largely driven by the city’s robust tourism industry. With the tourism sector showing no signs of slowing down and the city’s welcoming stance on short-term rentals, this upward trend seems set to continue.

As the layers of Victoria’s Airbnb market are peeled back, we find a dynamic, profitable, and growing market. The city’s strong tourism industry, paired with an accommodating regulatory environment, makes Victoria a hotspot for Airbnb investments. Investors willing to navigate the seasonal fluctuations and maintain high-quality listings have a good chance of reaping substantial returns in this promising market.

Why it's a Wise Investment to Use Airbnb in Victoria conclusion

Making a Successful Airbnb Investment in Victoria: A Step-by-step Guide

Armed with these insights, here’s a guide to making a successful Airbnb investment in Victoria.

Finding the Right Property

The success of your Airbnb investment can largely hinge on the type of property and its location. Areas close to major tourist attractions, like downtown Victoria, or neighborhoods with distinct characters, like James Bay or Fairfield, tend to be more popular among visitors. 

Staying on the Right Side of the Law

Knowing and adhering to Victoria’s short-term rental rules is essential to avoid legal hiccups and ensure the smooth running of your Airbnb business.

Managing Your Airbnb for Optimal Returns

Proper management can significantly boost your Airbnb returns. Whether you choose to manage the property yourself or hire a professional, ensuring a high-quality guest experience is key.


The allure of Airbnb investments is clear, offering the potential for lucrative returns, flexibility, and direct access to the thriving tourism sector. And Victoria, Canada, has all the necessary elements that make it an enticing destination for such investments.

The city’s strong tourism industry, extensive visitor base, supportive regulatory environment, and high demand for Airbnb accommodations weave together to create a compelling investment narrative. Coupled with the promising rental yields, these factors solidify Victoria’s standing as a prime location for Airbnb investments.

However, while the potential is undeniable, success in Airbnb investment requires strategic planning and execution. Identifying the right property, understanding local regulations, managing the property efficiently, and keeping abreast of market trends are integral parts of this investment journey. By paying heed to these aspects, investors can unlock the full potential of the lucrative Airbnb market in Victoria and reap substantial rewards.

In sum, if you’re seeking a property investment that offers impressive returns and the opportunity to tap into the exciting world of short-term rentals, look no further. Airbnb in Victoria, Canada, is indeed a great investment.

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