Airbnb Management Services in Montreal

HeartHomes is dedicated to providing top-tier Airbnb Management Services throughout Montreal. Our professional offerings, which include interior design & staging, listing management, and guest care, are designed to maximize your rental income while ensuring a premium experience for your guests.

Our reach extends beyond the heart of Montreal to encompass the wider metropolitan region. We serve a variety of vibrant communities, from the bustling city life of Laval to the charming suburban tranquility of Longueuil, from the historic allure of Brossard to the serene landscapes of Terrebonne, and from the cultural richness of Repentigny to the scenic waterfront of Sainte-Julie.

Our expertise in pricing optimization and Airbnb licensing, combined with our comprehensive cleaning & maintenance services, ensures top-notch management of your property irrespective of its location. At HeartHomes, we believe in forging relationships of trust and professionalism with our clients – after all, your home is our heart.

See What You Could Earn

    Discover Pricing in Montreal

    Airbnb Management Pricing Montreal

    Full-Service Hosting 15 %

    Interior Design & Staging
    Listing Management
    Guest Care
    Pricing Optimization
    Airbnb Licensing
    Airbnb Insurance
    Concierge Service
    Cleaning & Maintenance

    Explore Our Range Of Services in Montreal

    Interior Design & Staging

    Let our team in Montreal show off your home’s best side.

    Our team of expert interior designers & stagers will have your house in Montreal looking spectacular for you and your guests. Our photographers will leave you with bright and vibrant photos. Boost your revenue by up to 25%.

    Airbnb Design Service Montreal
    Airbnb Listing Management and SEO in Montreal

    Listing Management

    We’ll manage your rental in Montreal on multiple listing sites.

    Using Airbnb, HomeAway, Rentals United, & VRBO, the HeartHomes team in Montreal will manage your listing across a variety of services to ensure maximum occupancy potential.

    Guest Care

    We look after your guests like they’re family.

    Happy guests make for better reviews and better care of your property in Montreal. We go above and beyond to ensure that your guests are looked after. We’ve got the Superhost status to prove it.

    Airbnb Guest Care Service in Montreal
    Airbnb Pricing Optimization Service in Montreal

    Pricing Optimization

    Pricing that increases your yield by 25% or more.

    We know this business inside and out, allowing us to price your vacation rental in Montreal right for the location, size, and season. When we take over your Airbnb listing, our service literally pays for itself.

    Airbnb Licensing

    Airbnb management in Montreal – licensed & legal

    Ensuring your Airbnb rental is licensed and meets all the municipal legal requirements is tough business. At HeartHomes, we know all the ins and outs of Airbnb licensing in Montreal.

    Airbnb Licensing Service in Montreal
    Airbnb Insurance in Montreal

    Airbnb Insurance

    Insurance to keep your property in Montreal safe.

    We are partnering with a 3rd party safety and security certification company in Montreal which will be implementing excess Master Liability Coverage for our hosts which will lift the liability limit to the recommended $5,000,000 level – above and beyond Airbnb’s Host Guarantee! Once our homes are certified, our hosts will qualify to receive this coverage and will also be eligible for a planned Homeowners Insurance policy at preferred rates.

    Concierge Service

    No matter what extra service your guests request, we’ve got you covered!

    Our agents in Montreal will respond to any and all of your guests’ requests promptly. Whether it is airport pickup service, sightseeing trip, restaurant or concert bookings, groceries delivery or gym membership – we’ll make it happen to make sure your guests will be extra pleased with their stay.

    Airbnb Concierge Service in Montreal
    Airbnb Cleaning in Montreal

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    We’ll keep your Airbnb property in Montreal clean and in top shape!

    Our professional contractors will perform Airbnb cleaning after every check out and inspect the property for damages and maintenance. You will get notified in case anything needs to be repaired and appropriate trades will get dispatched upon your approval.

    Happy guests make for happy clients

    We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. Our Montreal client testimonials prove it.

    Market your listing on the most popular channels in Montreal

    HeartHomes team will market your listing on the most popular short term rental channels like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and more.

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    Montreal Airbnb Property Management FAQs

    Why should you opt for Airbnb property management in Montreal?

    Montreal is a great city in Canada for running an Airbnb business. It offers a lot of benefits to local hosts, starting with the constant development of infrastructure and ending with the massive flow of visitors in summer. The market is also intensely competitive, which is why opting in for Airbnb property management in Montreal is a reasonably good idea.

    What makes HeartHomes' approach to offering services for Airbnb hosts in Montreal unique?

    HeartHomes offers a wide spectrum of services to assist the hosts in Montreal. The approach to each customer is individual, meaning it is possible to arrange the exact set of options that are required in the particular case.

    How does HeartHomes initiate the process of preparing your property for Airbnb listing in Montreal?

    The first group of vacation rental property management services available in Montreal are applied before the listing even goes live, as they are aimed at making the property more attractive for guests. The first stage here is to develop a consistent and pleasant design. To do so, our professionals will visit the property and arrange the required upgrades for interior design and staging.

    Most visitors of the Airbnb website scroll through listings only paying attention to photos of the properties. The conversion rate strongly depends on the attractiveness of the pictures posted in the listing, and our professional photographers will get the most out of the situation.

    Even though these services are designed for the initial stage of the project, they may be used with existing businesses to improve their performance. The same applies to all the other services described on this page.

    How does HeartHomes assist with obtaining the necessary Airbnb licenses and developing an effective pricing strategy in Montreal?

    The next stage of launching a successful short-term rental enterprise in Montreal begins as soon as the property and its images are ready. It involves making the business legal and developing a pricing strategy, and our team is ready to assist with both of these tasks.

    The property that is used in short-term rental activities should be licensed in Montreal, and HeartHomes is willing to guide our customers through the process. We will help with submitting an application, maximizing your chances to get approved and start operating as soon as possible.

    As for the pricing strategy, it might also be tricky for the host to develop it on their own. Our team already has sufficient experience with the market of Montreal, enabling us to design the most effective pricing approach for a property of any type.

    How does HeartHomes manage the day-to-day operations of your short-term rental business in Montreal?

    The short-term rental business is one of the hardest types of enterprises to manage, as it requires active day-to-day involvement of the entrepreneur. There are dozens of tasks that have to be performed, which might easily become overwhelming for new entrants to the market. Performing these tasks poorly will have a negative effect on the business in the most vital period of its growth: getting negative reviews, in the beginning, may cause irreparable damages.

    The good news is that HeartHomes is willing to take over all the responsibilities associated with the business. We have a team of managers in Montreal who will manage the listings for you, update the calendars, correct the prices according to the strategy, and communicate with potential and existing customers.

    After every guest checks out, the property will be visited by a team of professional cleaners to make it perfect for the next visitors. When they come, our employees will also greet them and guide through the property if necessary.

    What are the benefits of using HeartHomes' Airbnb management services in Montreal?

    There are multiple benefits to using Airbnb management services in Montreal. No matter whether you are struggling with getting some aspects of the business right or you just want to get the most out of the property, our services will adjust to your needs.

    Turn It into Passive Income. As we are willing to take over all the responsibilities associated with conducting the business, the property owner can enjoy it as a passive source of income. It won’t be necessary for the owner to take part in day-to-day activities at all if they prefer so.

    Get the Tedious Tasks Done. Another advantage of the management services offered by HeartHomes is that the approach to each case is individual. In case the host is only struggling with some particular aspects of the business or wishes to outsource some of the most tedious tasks, it is possible with our company.

    Get the Most out of Your Property. HeartHomes has a rich experience of operating in Montreal and has all the resources to get the most out of the property. We have a team of professionals for every aspect of the short-term rental business, and we have a Superhost status to ensure a positive experience of your guests.

    Get a Perfect Start. Another way to use the services of HeartHomes is to get the enterprise through its hardest period of development: the launch. We will help with all the preparation and the first guests, enabling you to opt-out as soon as you’re ready to run it on your own.

    What are the market conditions for Airbnbs in Montreal?

    The short-term rental market in Montreal is rather competitive, yet it is stable, compared to many other Canadian cities. There are around 7,780 properties that are actively rented out, 84% of which are entire homes.

    What level of revenue should an Airbnb host expect in Montreal?

    The annual average Revenue of an Airbnb in Montreal is $2,251 per month. The business here is subject to seasonality, as the Revenues fluctuate between $1,236 per month in January and $3,336 in July.

    What are the regulations regarding Airbnb businesses in Montreal?

    The laws of performing short-term rental services are the same in Montreal as in most other parts of Canada. It will be necessary to obtain a license and display the number on all listings. The MAT tax of 4%, which is automatically collected by Airbnb.

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