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North Vancouver, British Columbia, is the outdoor paradise of Canada. It’s surrounded by mountains and water and is rich with hiking trails, beaches, parks, waterways, and ski tracks — you name it. Culture, art, and entertainment are buzzing here, from the rich Aboriginal Peoples’ heritage to the cosmopolitan scene. People visit this area for beautiful nature and a rich cultural experience; moreover, inner tourism is no less famous than the international one.

So if you run an Airbnb property management in North Vancouver — or are planning to do so — you can expect the demand. Let us provide the details essential for your short-term rental business.

Data on short-term rentals in North Vancouver

As of summer-2022, North Vancouver, BC, has a remarkable average occupancy rate of 84%, with 355 active rentals.

Rental types. Like with West Vancouver, entire home rentals make the absolute majority: 82% of the active listings. One-bedroom units are the most popular, with two-bedroom units following closely behind — 44% and 35% of the bouncy rentals, respectively. Three-bedroom units are quite popular too (families and large companies love a holiday in North Vancouver!). Studios and four-bedroom units are in the minority.

Private rooms take 17% of the active rentals, while shared rooms take only 2%.

Revenue and daily rate. Short-term rentals in North Vancouver have an average daily rate of $130. In the peak season of July, the nightly fees can reach $161. The lowest season is usually in November, with an average rate of $113. As for the average annual revenue for short-term rentals, it’s over $2,000, and during the high season, it can go up to $3,000.

In-demand amenities. The first thing your guests in North Vancouver expect is a fast and steady Internet connection: this is what most local rentals offer. Heating comes second, which can be expected from Canada. Then comes a separate kitchen, a washer, and a dryer — and a good portion of your guests will appreciate a parking space. Amenities like air conditioning and cable TV are moderately popular, and outdoor pools and hot tubs are rarely present. Which doesn’t mean your guests won’t like those.

Airbnb property management North Vancouver

Where to list your short-term rentals in North Vancouver, BC

Airbnb remains the leader among short-term rental business owners in North Vancouver, with the lion’s share of 82%. The VRBO platform has a 9% share, and 9% of active rentals are listed on both platforms.

So, Airbnb should be your first choice for listing your short-term rental property. However, VRBO is known for high-end rentals, so if yours is in that category, definitely use both platforms.

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What HeartHomes can do for your short-term vacation rental management in North Vancouver

HeartHomes is the company that specializes in making your short-term rental business smooth, eliminating the bumps on your way. Below is what we can help with:

  1. Canada is very strict about the legality of the short-term rental business. HeartHomes helps with obtaining the proper licensing in Vancouver.
  2. Short-term rentals need to stand out among the competitors, on the platforms, and in real life. Our team of interior designers and photographers will make it happen.
  3. Your property requires flawless management, even if you’re miles away. HeartHomes provides you with a Full-time Housing option. We do everything, from taking care of your guests to doing maintenance work, repairs, cleaning, and ensuring security.

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Benefits of working with HeartHomes

HeartHomes has a Superhost on Airbnb, and we use it to push your listings to the highest visibility and booking rate. Our prices are highly competitive, and our services bring impressive results. For instance, our fee is 12% of your total revenue, but our price optimization alone will increase your yield by at least 25%.

Contact us to learn more about everything HeartHomes can offer to short-term rental owners in Vancouver, BC.

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