Airbnb Management in Victoria, BC

The capital of British Columbia, Victoria, greets around 4 million domestic and international tourists every year. The city perfectly blends the old and the modern Canadas and opens an easy transfer to other parts of the Vancouver Islands. Guests can take day trips to beach towns or surfing resorts, or travel on a ferry to Seattle. But Victoria can be a resort of its own right since the buzzing city center here changes into the gorgeous downtown next to the Pacific Ocean waterfront. The local climate is comfortable, with mild winters and pleasant, sunny summers.

With a package like that, it’s no wonder that local visitors have a demand for short-term rentals, for a holiday or business trips. We provide the means to help owners with Airbnb property management in Victoria.

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Airbnb Market in Victoria, BC: an overview

Airbnb is the most popular short-term rental platform in Vancouver: 63% of all listings are placed here, and 28% are found on both Airbnb and VRBO. Statistic shows:

  • Monthly revenue is $2,400 with an average $142 nightly rate. The lowest price point is $126 in January, the highest is $162 in May;
  • Almost 1100 active rentals have an 83% occupancy rate. Warmer seasons bring the highest occupancy that peaks in August with 97% and slides down to 67% in January before rising again almost instantly;
  • Entire homes domineer with 89% of all rented properties. The rest are private rooms. 1-bedroom properties are the most popular, followed by two-bedroom ones and studios. Shared rooms aren’t present on the current short-term rental scene.

The majority of Victoria guests book an Airbnb for a minimum of 1 night, the second most popular period is 2 nights. 36% of hosts on the local market support a moderate cancellation policy, 32% have strict cancellation rules, and 18% are okay with flexible terms.

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How HeartHomes manages your Airbnb rental in Victoria for you

With the help of our team at the HeartHomes company, you can run your short-term rental business in Victoria from any part of the world. All you need to do is get your booking revenue, while we run a full-service hosting for your property. No matter the size, no matter the turnaround of the rental: HeartHomes professionals got you covered.

We offer:

  • Multi-platform listing management. Presenting your property in the best light across the most popular short-term rental sites, including Airbnb;
  • Airbnb licensing. Vacation and other short-term rentals in Victoria, BC, require a special license, and we assist with the obtainment;
  • Cleaning and maintenance. Our cleaners deliver the services of a five-star hotel, tidying up and sanitizing every corner, doing the laundry, and making sure everything works flawlessly. You can easily make your Airbnb pet-friendly, and we guarantee that it will stay in a pristine condition thanks to our meticulous work;
  • Guest care. From safe and easy key exchanges to dealing with questions of any sort, we make sure your clients feel welcome and receive the best treatment. We also keep an eye on the safety of your property in the most unobtrusive way;
  • Price optimization. By analyzing the performance of each Airbnb property, as well as your budget and spending, and applying it to the market situation, we help you to come up with the most profitable daily rate;
  • Design services. Our experts on Airbnb interiors will make — and keep — your property equally gorgeous and comfortable to live in. We will discover its full potential and help integrate your vision into it, making it the best short-term rental offer in Victoria;
  • Property photos. It’s not enough to snap a couple of pictures on a smartphone. We will hold a professional photoshoot for your short-term rental that will make it stand out on Airbnb and other platforms. If there’s any change in the interior, we will update the gallery, making sure your guest won’t experience any expectations vs reality discrepancies.

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