Airbnb Management in Whistler, BC

Whistler is an exceptionally popular city in British Columbia. It is a favored destination for many tourists who are eager to visit the beautiful Canadian landscapes and perhaps even climb the gorgeous mountains. Thanks to such a reputation, it has also become home to many thriving Airbnb businesses. In case you wish to join the party, make sure to read the article and discover everything about Airbnb management Whistler business.

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The Market Right Now

At the time of writing, there are more than 2,800 active listings in Whistler, BC. It is more than with many other regions of British Columbia, which implies an intense competition over guests. We will see more confirmation of this further on. The vast majority of the listings are entire homes, while the most popular options for the number of rooms are one and two. More than half of the listings imply a strict cancellation policy, so there are still options to stand out from the crowd.

As with most other regions of BC, the average daily rate in Whistler varies a lot depending on the season. For example, in October, it was only $210, while in December it reached $407. The annual average is $272, which is still quite decent. The average occupancy rate is 61%, but it may reach up to 86% as it did in August. It is lower than in some other popular regions of BC, mainly because of the intense level of competition among hosts.

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Airbnb management Whistler
Airbnb property management Whistler

Platforms for Hosting in Whistler

With most other areas and cities of BC, Airbnb is the dominant option for short-term rentals, supplying more than 90% of all listings. With the vacation rental management Whistler businesses, the situation is a bit different. Listings that are exclusively posted on Airbnb are only 34% of all properties available for renting.

The other major player in the industry is VRBO, but it has only 15% of all properties listed there exclusively. Most hosts in Whistler use both platforms, and 51% of all listings are available both on Airbnb and VRBO. This is also a clear sign of increased competition, as hosts are doing their best to find more visitors.

Getting a License in Whistler

The laws for obtaining a business license in Whistler are very similar to the ones of other areas in BC. All the hosts who are going to accept paid guests will have to obtain a business license. The fees are annual and not really overwhelming, reaching up to $165 per year. However, the fines are much more substantial, which makes getting everything correct vital.
You can always check up with the up-to-date legislation on the official website of the Resort Municipality of Whistler. It is also necessary to ensure the property is zoned to allow the operation. You can check the zoning on the same official website as well.

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Services of HeartHomes in Whistler

Stage 1: Preparation

As you might already know, the hardest part of managing any property on Airbnb is launching the operation and preparing for it. Here, HeartHomes offers a wide set of services that may come in handy. First of all, there is a service of interior design and staging that will allow you to make the most out of your space while keeping it attractive. Secondly, they will send professional photographers to your property, creating beautiful but realistic images for your listing.

Most importantly, HeartHomes is willing to support you throughout the licensing process. While aspiring entrepreneurs are facing difficulties with all the related bureaucracy, this company can make the process a lot easier for you, while reaching full compliance with all the regulations.

Stage 2: Running the Business

Accepting guests is not as tricky as obtaining a license, but it is very time-consuming and implies performing dozens of various tasks on a regular basis. HeartHomes can take over the responsibilities of listing management, guest care, cleaning, and maintenance. These services will load you off as an entrepreneur and can even turn your business into a stable source of passive income, in case you choose to benefit from all of them.

Stage 3: Getting the Most

Last but not least, the company can improve the performance of already existing Airbnbs by optimizing the price according to the demand’s seasonality. The optimization will as well be adjusted to the performance of your individual listing, allowing you to reach the best overall results. The company also has a Superhost status, allowing you to be sure you’re getting the best service.

Benefits of Using HeartHomes Services

The main benefit of cooperating with HeartHomes is the flexibility you can get. In case you’re overloaded with daily tasks, you can outsource them to this company. In case you’re facing a lack of income, you can ask the professionals to optimize your listings. If you’re struggling with finding new guests, they can rearrange the furniture and create beautiful pictures of your listings. Each host will surely find something beneficial about the services.

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