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Why Investing in Airbnb in Toronto is an Excellent Opportunity

Toronto, often described as Canada’s crown jewel, boasts not only its towering skyline and cultural vibrancy but also an emerging Airbnb landscape that promises tremendous growth. Toronto ranked among the top 10 cities with the highest Airbnb demand between 2020 and 2021. This article sheds light on what makes Toronto the ultimate playground for Airbnb investors.

Stellar Tourist Attractions and Activities

Toronto welcomes over 27 million tourists annually. Iconic landmarks such as the CN Tower, which sees nearly 2 million visitors a year, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the historic Distillery District are prime attractions. Tourist magnets like the Toronto Islands during the summer and international events like the Toronto International Film Festival, which draws around 480,000 attendees, guarantee a consistent demand for short-term rental accommodations.

Strong Economic Growth

Toronto’s GDP stands at a whopping CAD 440 billion as of 2019, making it Canada’s economic engine. As home to the Toronto Stock Exchange and numerous multinational corporations, the city witnesses a surge of professionals seeking temporary accommodations. Airbnb properties cater to this demand, providing a homey ambiance often preferred over hotel stays.

Booming Real Estate Market

In July 2023, the average house sold price in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) climbed 4.1% year on year to $1,118,374. Such growth signifies that an Airbnb investment is not just about immediate rental income; it’s also about appreciating asset value. With such promising growth, an investment today can yield substantial returns in the coming years.

Favorable Regulatory Environment

In 2019, Toronto introduced regulations allowing short-term rentals primarily in one’s principal residence, ensuring a balanced housing market. These measures, while protective, still enable serious investors to benefit, given the city’s natural demand and strategic property positioning.

Why Investing in Airbnb in Toronto is an Excellent Opportunity

A Deep Dive into Toronto’s Airbnb Market Metrics

Toronto, often referred to as Canada’s pulsating heart, offers more than its iconic skyline and gastronomic experiences. It is also a hotspot for Airbnb listings, making it a sought-after destination for both travelers and investors. The city’s burgeoning Airbnb market boasts some impressive statistics that paint a promising picture for prospective hosts and investors. Let’s delve deeper into the numbers and see what they reveal.

Toronto’s Airbnb market showcases an ADR of $171, a competitive figure when juxtaposed with other global cities. This rate underscores the city’s premium offerings, from upscale condos overlooking Lake Ontario to chic townhouses nestled in historic neighborhoods. This competitive pricing allows hosts to balance profitability and attract potential guests.

An impressive 69% occupancy rate signifies a steady stream of guests, emphasizing Toronto’s perennial allure. Whether it’s the summer festivals, winter sports, or business conventions, there’s always a reason for visitors to flock to Toronto. This high occupancy rate ensures that hosts have a consistent guest flow, maximizing their earnings throughout the year.

On average, an Airbnb host in Toronto can expect to rake in a monthly revenue of $2,043. This figure is influenced by several factors, including property location, amenities offered, and the host’s ability to provide exceptional guest experiences. Given the city’s occupancy rate and ADR, this revenue projection stands as a testament to the lucrative opportunity Toronto’s Airbnb landscape presents.

With 18,855 active rentals, Toronto’s Airbnb market is bustling. The vast array of properties, from swanky downtown lofts to serene suburban homes, ensures that guests have many choices. For hosts, this number signifies the city’s vast market, and with the right strategies, there’s a slice of the pie for everyone.

Toronto’s Airbnb market is graded B+, indicating its above-average performance compared to other cities. This grade is a composite score reflecting various metrics, such as rental demand, revenue growth, seasonality, and regulations. A B+ market grade should instill confidence in potential hosts and investors, showcasing the city’s robust Airbnb landscape.

Airbnb Property Types and Preferences

The majority of listings in Toronto are for entire homes, making up 64% of the market. This trend highlights a preference among guests for privacy and a complete home experience, which is especially appealing to families and groups. One-bedroom properties are the most prevalent, constituting 57% of the listings. This trend mirrors the influx of solo travelers and couples looking for cozy spaces with all the essential amenities. An exciting trend in Toronto’s Airbnb market is the preference for extended stays. A significant 40% of listings have a minimum stay requirement ranging from 7 to 29 days. This indicates a shift towards longer-term rentals, catering to business travelers, students, and others seeking more extended accommodations.

Toronto’s Airbnb metrics weave a tale of opportunity, consistent growth, and guest preferences. From its competitive ADR to a burgeoning number of active rentals, Toronto stands out as a beacon for potential Airbnb hosts and investors. As the city continues to thrive, its Airbnb landscape remains a promising domain for those willing to explore and invest.

Diverse Population Equals Diverse Guests

Toronto, home to over 200 ethnicities, is a testament to global harmony. This multicultural matrix ensures a wide guest demographic, ranging from international students (over 25,000 enrolled in 2021) to families and solo travelers, offering Airbnb hosts multiple avenues for property optimization.

Advanced Infrastructure

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport serves over 50 million passengers a year, making the city a significant gateway to North America. Its extensive public transport system, including the TTC, which sees a daily ridership of around 1.7 million, ensures guests have seamless mobility, enhancing the attractiveness of Airbnb properties in transit-accessible locations.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

The average rating for Toronto Airbnb listings stands at a commendable 4.69 out of 5. Such reviews, backed by the experiences of both hosts and guests, underpin the success of Airbnb in Toronto. A thriving community, paired with satisfied guests, accentuates Toronto’s position as a top Airbnb destination.


Investing in Airbnb in Toronto is more than just a trend; it’s a strategic move backed by data, growth potential, and tangible benefits. Whether you’re looking at immediate rental income or long-term asset appreciation, Toronto offers a compelling case. For investors with an eye on future growth, there’s hardly a better time to delve into Toronto’s Airbnb realm.

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