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TOP-10 cities for Airbnb in Ontario, Canada

Top 10 Airbnb cities Ontario

Ontario is one of the most interesting provinces of Canada in terms of Airbnb investment. On its territory, there are many cities that offer decent market conditions for aspiring entrepreneurs. Moreover, the variety of markets is rather diverse as well, enabling the investors to find a location that would suit their strategy. There are both large cities with stable markets and smaller locations with almost no competition.

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Metrics to Consider While Planning an Airbnb Investment

Every city in Ontario has a unique short-term rental market, and there are some metrics used to evaluate and compare them with each other. Analyzing them will help to understand the market conditions in every location. The first metric on the list is the number of active listings in the area. Expectedly, it helps understand the level of competition there. To perform a more detailed analysis of the market, it is necessary to consider the types of properties as well. It is possible to find out the percentage of entire home, and private or shared rooms in the region.

The second parameter that should be taken into account is the Average Daily Rate or the ADR. As its name implies, it represents the average price of an Airbnb in the city for a night. It will have a direct impact on the resulting Revenues, so it is reasonable to discover it beforehand. Next on the list is the Occupancy Rate, which represents the percentage of nights the properties in the area are booked for. Last but not least, it is necessary to consider the resulting monthly Revenues generated by properties in every city.

Apart from the parameters themselves, it is also helpful to consider their seasonality. The demand in most regions fluctuates in different seasons. The hosts react to that by adjusting their prices, which changes the ADR metric. As a follow-up effect, the Occupancy Rates change too, in turn, impacting the Revenues.

TOP Cities in Ontario for Launching an Airbnb

The Airbnb business in Ontario is developing rather rapidly. It was on hold because of the pandemic, but the numbers are already recovering. The province offers a ton of opportunities to investors, as there are different cities available for launching a short-term rental business. There are both extremely competitive markets with stable demand and riskier regions that are only starting to become trending among visitors.

CityRevenue, $
Prince Edward County$3,668
Kawartha Lakes$2,902
Peterborough $2,846
Port Colborne$2,706
Norfolk County $2,226
Niagara Falls$2,000
Kingston $1,878
St. Catharines$1,726
Elliot Lake$1,599

Elliot Lake

Elliot Lake is one of the few cities on the list that have almost no competition at all. The location is truly unique, and there are only 28 active listings in its area, the majority of which are entire homes. On average, the properties here have 2.2 bedrooms and can host up to 5.5 visitors. The business here is rather unpredictable, as the data is insufficient, but it is still important to see the performance of the local rentals.

The Average Daily Rate in Elliot Lake is $162, while the Occupancy Rates average 50%. The seasonal effect is rather strong here, as in summer, there are more visitors coming to Elliot Lake. The average monthly Revenue generated by Airbnbs in this city is $1,599, which is more than in many other regions of Canada. Of course, the performance will strongly depend on the quality of service, but the opportunity is there.


Airbnb Toronto

Toronto is the obvious city to start with, as it has the largest vacation rental market in the whole province. There are more than 12,500 active Airbnbs in its area, which implies very intense competition. Out of these listings, 68% are entire homes. On average, the properties here have 1.6 bedrooms and can host up to 3.9 guests. Most areas of Toronto are densely packed with properties, but there are some districts of the city, where the competition is milder. The market’s quarterly growth is 10%, so entrepreneurs are still entering it.

The Average Daily Rate in Toronto is $164 throughout the year, but it fluctuates between $135 and $195 in different seasons. The same applies to the Occupancy Rate, which averages 74% here but may grow from 42% to 94% depending on the time of the year. The Revenue the hosts get here is $1,966 per month.

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Port Colborne

Port Colborne is another small location that might interest aspiring entrepreneurs. There are a bit more than 150 properties in this city, 99% of which are entire homes. They have 2.4 bedrooms and can accept 6.6 guests on average. Most of the rentals are located on the shores of Lake Erie.

The Average Daily Rate is $256 here, which is significantly higher than in most other cities of Ontario. Even with such high prices, the Occupancy Rates are rather decent. They average 52% throughout the year but may reach up to 90% in summer. The properties here generate $2,706 worth of average monthly Revenue. It is a great place to open a large house with multiple bedrooms.

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is the next interesting city on the shores of Lake Ontario. More than 800 properties are being actively rented out here. 90% of the listings are entire homes. On average, the properties here have 2.8 bedrooms and can host up to 5.9 guests. The main benefit of Prince Edward County is that the rentals are not concentrated in any particular part of the city.

The Average Daily Rate is rather high here, as the properties are large and spacious. It averages $302, while the Occupancy Rates are 55%. The demand in summer is huge, boosting the Occupancy Rates all the way up to 94%. The average Revenue is $3,668 per month, but it may reach $6,972 in months like August. It is one of the best places in Ontario to open a luxurious short-term rental.


Airbnb Kingston

Kingston is another city that might be a decent choice for launching an Airbnb business. It is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. Many visitors come here, and the city is especially popular in summer. There are only 323 active listings in Kingston, but the city itself is rather small. Out of these listings, 69% are entire homes with an average of 2.1 bedrooms. The majority of properties are expectedly located near the famous lake.

The Average Daily Rate here is $137, and the fluctuation is minimal throughout the year. The Occupancy Rates change from 40% to 90% in different seasons, averaging 68%. This results in a stable flow of Revenues, which average $1,878 per month for local hosts. The market is not growing here yet, but opportunities for new entrepreneurs clearly exist here.


Peterborough is also a location with great potential for short-term rentals. It is home to more than 700 properties that are being actively rented out. The majority of the listings are entire homes: they make up for 91% of all properties. The place mostly features large cottages, so the average number of bedrooms is 3.2, while the average maximum capacity of accepted guests is 7.3. The market is rather stagnant, but the conditions are stable enough to support more Airbnbs in the area.

The Average Daily Rate in Peterborough is $274. The prices do not fluctuate here too much, even though the demand is very seasonal in the city. The Occupancy Rates average 52% throughout the year, although they peak at 87% in summer. These two factors result in an average Revenue of $2,846 per month. In August, when there is a spike in demand, the Revenues may reach more than $5,000, although they may drop to $1,700 in winter months.

St. Catharines

Airbnb St. Catharines

St. Catharines is located right next to Niagara Falls. It is a less popular destination for visiting, but the competition is correspondingly low here. There are only 296 active rentals here, and they are scattered all around the city area. The place is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a calm location to start their new business. On average, Airbnbs in St. Catharines have 2.3 bedrooms and can host up to 5.1 guests, and the majority of them are entire homes.

The Average Daily Rate in this city is $144. The Occupancy Rate averages 59% throughout the year. Even though the parameter is low, the Revenue is still $1,726 per month here. It is boosted by the flow of visitors that come to the city in summer. The Occupancy Rates increase to 86% even with the rates that reach $178. The business here is very seasonal, but it is still possible to create a sustainable vacation rental.

Kawartha Lakes

Kawartha Lakes has another relatively small rental market. There are around 650 properties scattered around the shores of local lakes. The place is popular for family vacations, so entire homes make up for 96% of all listings here. The average number of bedrooms is 3.3 here, while the average capacity of guests in these rentals is 8.3. There are many spacious cottages here that are in huge demand in summer.

The Average Daily Rate in Kawartha Lakes is $310. The Occupancy Rates average 43% throughout the year, although the demand is very seasonal here. The Occupancy Rates reach 83% in summer, enabling the properties to remain sustainable for the rest of the year. The average monthly Revenues are $2,902 here.

Norfolk County

Norfolk County is the last city on the list, and it is another location with a small short-term rental market. There are only around 150 active listings here, 85% of which are entire homes. An average property in Norfolk County has 2.6 bedrooms and can host up to 6.8 guests. It is also located on the shore of Lake Erie, and most properties have access to the lake. Nevertheless, some rentals operate in other areas of the city and are still rather demanded by visitors. The market has been stagnant because of the pandemic, but it is starting to recover steadily.

The Average Daily Rate in Norfolk County is $211. The Occupancy Rates average 48% throughout the year here, but they go all the way up to 86% in summer. The Revenue is $2,226 per month here. Much like in many other cities on the list, the business is very seasonal here. The Revenues generated by the properties in summer may reach $5,000, which supports the business for the rest of the year. It is a great option for entrepreneurs who do not wish to deal with the intense competition of a large city. 

Niagara Falls

Airbnb Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is another city that offers great opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The market here is not as large as in Toronto, as there are only around 1,200 active listings here. The majority of them, 78%, are entire homes. On average, the properties in Niagara Falls have 2.7 bedrooms and can host up to 6.6 guests. The area is popular for family tourism, so the rentals here are reasonably larger. The market grows 3% every quarter.

The ADR here is $181, while the Occupancy Rate averages 45%. The Revenues average $2,000 per month, but the majority of profits are generated in summer. In winter, the properties are not in demand, but the summer profits help sustain the Airbnbs here. Most listings are located around the city center. Expectedly, the area around the Niagara river shore is especially popular among tourists.

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