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Best cities for Airbnb investment in Manitoba, Canada

Airbnb Manitoba

Manitoba is one of the most diverse provinces in Canada. It is located in the center of the country, so it features the best qualities of most other regions of Canada. There are unique forests, beautiful skiing locations, and many picturesque lakes. Many tourists come to the province throughout the year, enabling the short-term rentals here to thrive. However, the diverse environment makes the business different in various parts of the province.

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Best Cities for Launching an Airbnb

There are many cities to choose from in Manitoba in terms of an Airbnb investment. There are lots of opportunities available for entrepreneurs: some cities are busy all year round, while other towns offer almost untapped markets with very mild levels of competition. This list will feature the ten most exciting cities in Manitoba. For each location, there will be an overview of the performance of Airbnbs that already operate there.

CityRevenue, $
Lac du Bonnet$1,306


The first city on the list is located in the Northern part of the province. It is a relatively remote place on the shore of Hudson Bay. Even though it is not the most popular tourist destination in Canada, it is undoubtedly in active development, as the market is growing consistently.

Most visitors come here to see the polar bears. The town is famous for these animals approaching the residents in autumn. This makes the business very seasonal here. The potential investors would also be interested to discover that there is almost no competition in Churchill. At the time of writing, the city is home to only seven actively rented-out properties. One of them is an entire home listing, while all the others are private rooms.

Of course, the data from these seven properties cannot be considered representative and reliable. However, it is still essential to learn about the performance of local businesses before entering the niche. The Average Daily Rate here is $316 throughout the year, but it is pulled down by the low-demand seasons. In autumn, the ADR may reach an unprecedented sum of $2,300. The almost non-existent competition allows local enterprises to set unbelievable rates, as visitors have no other options.

Even with such rates, the properties in Churchill do not have issues with occupation. The Occupancy Rate averages 44% throughout the year here. This results in an average monthly Revenue of $5,537. It is already significantly higher than in most other regions of Canada. In autumn, the revenues may reach $25,600, which makes it hard to compare to other cities. Of course, the market is risky, as there is not enough data to draw any conclusions, but it has the potential for aspiring entrepreneurs to prosper.


Airbnb Gimli

Even though there are more listings in Gimli than in the previous towns, the competition here is mild as well. The city is located North from Winnipeg and has access to the shore of the famous lake. Expectedly, the business here is seasonal, as most visitors come to the town in summer.

In total, there are 84 active listings in Gimli, 83 of which are entire homes. On average, they have 2.9 bedrooms and can accept up to 7 guests. The competition here is relatively moderate. There are not so many properties operating here. Moreover, they are scattered around the shore, so the region is not densely packed with rentals.

The Average Daily Rate in Gimli is $179, and the Occupancy Rates are 50% here. The demand becomes significantly lower in winter, but the popularity of the area in the hot season enables local rentals to remain sustainable. The Revenue generated by an average property in Gimli per month is $1,921.

The location is suitable for new entire homes, as the existing ones are scattered around the shore. At the same time, entrepreneurs who decide to enter the market with a private room listing will not have any competition at all here.


Virden is another location that might interest entrepreneurs looking for an untapped market. The city is located in the middle of the province and has its airport, making it comfortable for tourists to visit. It is a relatively small town, and the short-term rental industry is only starting to develop here. Currently, there are only two properties that are actively rented out here. Both of them are private rooms.

The absence of competition enables the local Airbnb managers to maintain an Average Daily Rate of $219 throughout the year. The annual average Occupancy Rates are 94% in Virden, clearly indicating that there is room for more rentals. The average monthly revenue is $3,504 here, which is higher than in most other locations in the country.

It is a great place to launch an entire home rental. The next entrepreneur to do so will be the only one in the area, which will certainly be a major benefit. Launching a private room here is also beneficial. There are only two competitors in the entire city, making it easy for the fresh enterprise to stand out.


Roblin is in a very similar situation to the previous town. It is located in the western part of the province and also has its own airport. There are several lakes around the town’s territory, and the visitors can enjoy the locally famous campground. There are only five properties that are being actively rented out in Roblin, and that’s where the situation starts to become different from Virden.

All the properties rented out in Roblin are entire homes. On average, they have 2.4 bedrooms and can accept up to 7.4 visitors at a time. Even though the competition is almost non-existent, the market’s quarterly growth is 25%, so it is likely that other entrepreneurs will join the party soon.

Another interesting factor that makes Roblin different from the previous areas relates to the strategy of local hosts. Instead of setting high rates because of the low level of supply in the town, they set extremely low rates to attract new visitors and guarantee themselves decent Occupancy Rates. Thus, the Average Daily Rate in Roblin is only $85, and the Occupancy Rates average 97%. It is important to remember that this data is from entire home listings, which are usually significantly more expensive. The average monthly Revenue is $2,015 in Roblin.


Selkirk is a relatively small town North-East of Winnipeg. It is located between the mentioned city and the lake named after it. It is also a place with almost no competition with a market that has decent potential. At the time of writing, only four properties are listed in the area. Three are entire homes, while the last rental is a private room offer.

The ADR in Selkirk is extremely low compared to other parts of the province, as it only averages $82 throughout the year. The demand here is less seasonal than in some of the previous cities, but more data must be needed to draw certain conclusions. Nevertheless, the properties currently operating in the town have Occupancy Rates of 80%. These parameters allow the vacation rentals here to generate $1,648 of average monthly Revenue throughout the year.

Unlike with some of the previous regions, investors who are planning to launch a business in Selkirk are expecting to benefit from a large city nearby. As the total number of tourists visiting Winnipeg increases, so does the number of those who prefer staying in nearby towns.


Minnedosa is another small town located to the West of Winnipeg. It is farther from the big city than the other towns on the list but has unique benefits. First of all, the aspiring entrepreneurs won’t have to deal with intense competition. Secondly, there is a beach resort that attracts enough tourists in summer. Lastly, the city has its own airport, making it easier for visitors to reach Minnedosa.

In total, there are only six active listings here. All of them are private rooms, so an investor who decides to create an entire home listing here will have no competition whatsoever. The fact that all listings are private rooms has an effect on the data that comes from the region. It is important to keep in mind that the numbers would surely be different for an entire home rental.

The ADR in Minnedosa is $96, and there is almost no fluctuation throughout the year. The Occupancy Rates average 58% here. The Revenue generated by an average property in the town is $1,447 per month. Considering that the entire data is formed by private rooms, the numbers are pretty decent.

Lac du Bonnet

Lac du Bonnet is the next relatively remote location in the province. The visitors mainly come here to enjoy the lake, after which the city is named. There is also an airport nearby that definitely increases the number of visitors to the location. The market is rather stagnant here, but the investors expect it to grow along with the development of Lac du Bonnet.

At the time of writing, there are only four active rentals in the city, all of which are entire homes. All of them are waterfront cottages with rates from $158 to $340 per day. The overall annual Average Daily Rate in the area is $159, while the Occupancy Rates are 43%. This enables local rentals to generate $1,306 worth of Revenues every month.

This quiet and lovely area will become a great place to launch a business in a calming and non-competitive atmosphere. The performance will mostly depend on the quality of the premises and the service provided by the host.


Next on the list is Carberry, which is one of the smallest and most remote towns mentioned today. Right now, there is only one listing operating here, and there is surely room for more. Even though there is not enough data to perform an actual analysis and make viable projections, the location may be a decent choice for a small business with no competition.

The data is based on the sole entire home listing currently operating in Carberry, but it is still worth looking at. The Average Daily Rate is $106 here, with slight deviation throughout the year. The Occupancy Rate is 43%, which is pretty decent, taking into account the location of the city. The Revenue is $1,168 per month on average, but it fluctuates between $874 and $2,432 throughout the year.


Airbnb Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the largest city in the province. Considering that Winnipeg is its capital and the seventh largest city in Canada, there is no surprise it has the most significant short-term rental market in the province. The competition here is rather intense, but it is the price for the stability of the business environment here.

There are around 1,400 active rentals in Winnipeg, 75% of which are entire homes. On average, the rentals have 1.9 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 4.3 visitors at a time. The levels of competition may vary between different neighborhoods, but it is rather intense in any part of the city.

The ADR in the province’s capital is $93. The Occupancy Rates are 64%, and the peak of demand is in summer. Each property generates an average of $1,108 worth of Revenue every month here. Even though it is lower than in many other cities on the list, it is the lowest-risk investment in the province.


Like many other destinations on this list, Dauphin is a small town with a developing short-term rental market. It is located near the famous Dauphin Lake, but the city is around 15 kilometers from the beach. It is a primarily residential area with several inns, cafes, and restaurants. There currently are 15 properties being actively rented out in Dauphin, eight of which are entire homes.

The Average Daily Rate in the town is $116, while the Occupancy Rates average 39% annually. The Revenue generated by an average property in Dauphin every month is $1,089. It is a decent location for private rooms and entire homes, as the competition is mild and the environment is stable.

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