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Best cities to buy Airbnb in Saskatchewan, Canada

Airbnb cities Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of the only two landlocked provinces in Canada. Even though the province is not the most popular destination in the country, enough visitors come here every year. Tourists like to enjoy beautiful natural sites, perform various outdoor activities, visit local museums, and attend other cultural events here.

The short-term rental market here is almost untapped. Even the province’s largest cities have fewer than 500 Airbnbs operating, making them an excellent destination for aspiring entrepreneurs. The tourism industry has been consistently growing here after recovering from Covid-related damages, and the potential for investors is enormous. The real estate prices are also relatively low here. The average house price in Saskatchewan is $271,000, while the country-wide average price was $488,000 in 2020.

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Best Saskatchewan Cities for an Airbnb Investment

As in any other Canadian province, the market conditions vary from city to city. The short-term vacation rental market is still in its early stages of development in Saskatchewan, so the amount of data is not very representative. Nevertheless, it is possible to analyze some cities in the province and get a rough understanding of the performance of Airbnbs there. Most of them have only a few active rentals there, granting the investors an opportunity to join early on.

CityRevenue, $
Swift Current $1,209
Moose Jaw$808
Prince Albert $770
North Battleford$531

Swift Current

Airbnb Swift Current

Swift Current is a small town in the southern part of the province. It is a two hours drive from Regina. The city has its own airport, and there are multiple locations the visitors of Swift Current like to attend. For example, there are two decent golf clubs in the area. The rental market of Swift Current is tiny, although the properties that are operating there are sustainable.

The town has only eleven active listings, and the rentals are scattered around its area. Seven listings are entire homes, while the other four are private rooms. On average, they can host up to 5.4 guests and have 2.6 bedrooms, while the rental market here has faced a quarterly growth of 20%.

The Average Daily Rates in Swift Currents are $85, which is average for small towns in Saskatchewan. Considering the remoteness of the place, it is rather surprising that the rentals here maintain Occupancy Rates of 71% throughout the year. An average property in Swift Current generates $1,209 worth of monthly income. The town gets more visitors in summer, while the demand in winter is relatively low.

many investors.


Lloydminster is one of the most curious cities on the list. It is located right on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. In fact, the border goes through the middle of the city, so one-half of it is considered Alberta, and the other one is Saskatchewan.

The short-term rental market of Lloydminster is rather small. There are only around 60 properties actively operating here, and 40% of them are private rooms. On average, they can accept 4.4 guests and have 2.3 bedrooms. The market’s quarterly growth is quite impressive, as it reached 25% in 2023. The city surely has potential, and its market is almost untapped.

The ADR in Lloydminster is $80, while the Occupancy Rates average 64% throughout the year. The town is expectedly more popular in summer than it is in winter, and the monthly Revenues of hosts may vary between $588 and $1,699. The annual average monthly Revenue is $930 here.


Warman is a town located only 20 kilometers away from Saskatoon. Right now, it is an entirely untapped market, but it has massive potential in the future. As Saskatoon grows and develops, Warman will start naturally attracting more and more visitors who prefer staying outside large cities.

At the time of writing, there are only two active listings in Warman. One is an entire home listing with two bedrooms, and the other is a private room listing. The Average Daily Rate here is $89, but the metrics are not representative. The Occupancy Rates are 72%, and the Revenues are $916 monthly.

The performance of a new property will mostly depend on its quality, as it is easily possible to enter the market with a better service and a higher price. It is perhaps too early to bet on the development of Saskatoon, but in case it eventually happens, now is the perfect time to invest, as the real estate prices are low now.


Airbnb Regina

Regina is the capital of the province. It attracts a lot more visitors than smaller towns like Swift Current. However, the vacation rental market is still tiny here, especially compared to the capitals of provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. There are only 321 active listings in Regina, 76% of which are entire homes. Most are concentrated around the city center, but the competition is mild even there. Other neighborhoods of Regina only have a few listings each.

The properties in the city have two bedrooms and can accommodate 4.3 guests on average. The rental market is stagnant there, although there is enough room for more Airbnb in Regina. Airbnb is the most popular rental channel in the city, but 10% of the listings here are exclusively available on VRBO.

The Average Daily Rate in Regina is $86, with slight fluctuations between different seasons. The Occupancy Rates stay at 65% throughout the year, but the city gets more visitors in summer. The average monthly Revenue generated by properties in Regina is $1,007, which is higher than in many other cities in the province.


Martensville is in almost the same situation as the previous town. It is 17 kilometers away from Saskatoon and very close to Warman. Similarly, it is a small town with no competition and great potential for the future. For some investors, it will be even more appealing, as this town will benefit from the development of Saskatoon first.

At the time of writing, there is only one listing in the area. It is an entire home listing with one bedroom that can accommodate two people at a time. The Average Daily Rate is $122 here, while the Occupancy Rates stay at 60%. The Revenue is $823 per month, but once again, the data is not very representative of the situation in the region.

Launching a new vacation rental will be extremely beneficial, as there is only one alternative available in the city right now. The real estate prices here are low, so it is a great opportunity for investors who are willing to take a risk. Before the pandemic, there were seven active vacation rentals in Martensville, so the city is clearly capable of hosting more sustainable rentals.

Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw is a city 71 kilometers away from Regina. The city has a small but sustainable short-term rental market. Over the course of the last three years, the number of properties rented out in Moose Jaw has grown by more than 75%, and the city can clearly host more rentals. The most popular cancellation policy here is Strict, as 41% of the listings have such a configuration in Moose Jaw.

In total, there are 63 Airbnbs currently operating in Moose Jaw. The Average Daily Rate for them is $76, while the Occupancy Rates average 74% throughout the year. On average, an Airbnb in Moose Jaw generates $808 worth of Revenue every month. Much like with most other cities on the list, the demand here is seasonal.

Only half of the properties in the city are entire home listings. An average property here can accommodate 3.6 guests at a time and has 1.6 bedrooms. Most listings are concentrated in the High Park area, while the other neighborhoods are almost entirely free of competition. Moose Jaw has many places to launch a new short-term rental business, and the market conditions are very stable here.


Yorkton is a small town located far away from the province’s largest cities. It is a quiet place, and it does not get a lot of visitors, but the rentals that operate here are still relatively prosperous. Unlike all the other cities mentioned on the list, Yorkton’s rental market has Private Rooms as its most popular type of listing.

In total, there are only ten properties that are being actively rented out, and seven of them are private rooms. The Average Daily Rate in the town is $112, while the Occupancy Rates average 65%. The average monthly Revenue is $774 in Yorkton, and the business is subject to seasonality.


Airbnb Saskatoon

Saskatoon is another large city in Saskatchewan. It is arguably more popular among tourists, and it definitely has a larger short-term vacation rental market. The highest concentration of Airbnbs is in the city’s central business district, while the other areas and neighborhoods of Saskatoon are not as densely packed with active rentals. It is possible to find a location with very few competitors there.

In total, the city is home to around 570 properties that are being actively rented out. On average, they have 2.1 bedrooms and can accept up to 4.5 visitors at a time. Almost 80% of listings are entire homes and apartments, and the vast majority of them are exclusively listed on Airbnb. The market’s quarterly growth is 8%, and it has already recovered from the effects caused by the pandemic.

The Average Daily Rate in Saskatoon is $80, with minimal fluctuations throughout the year. In contrast, the Occupancy Rates may jump from 52% to 87% in different seasons, averaging 70% annually. The average monthly Revenue of properties in Saskatoon is $988. It is lower than in some other cities on the list, but the stable environment will be worth it for 

Prince Albert

Prince Albert is a small town in the middle of the province. It is one of the last towns on the way to the unpopulated wilderness spread over almost the entire northern half of Saskatchewan. The town’s vacation rental market is also very small, but it has fully recovered from the pandemic.

At the time of writing, there are 23 active listings in Prince Albert, 13 of which are entire homes and apartments. On average, a property in this town has 1.8 bedrooms and can host up to 3.8 guests at a time. Even though the town’s area is small, the rentals are almost evenly spread around it, meaning there are no neighborhoods with intense competition.

The Average Daily Rate in Prince Albert is $83, and the Occupancy Rates reach an impressive level of 68%. The Revenue generated by a property in the town is $770 per month, on average. The seasonal effect here is relatively strong, as most visitors come to Prince Albert in spring.

North Battleford

The City of North Battleford is the last location on the list, and its short-term rental market is very similar to the one of Prince Albert. This town is located between Saskatoon and Lloydminster, so its market has the potential to grow in case the road it is situated on becomes more popular.

Right now, there are only 23 properties that are being actively rented out in the City of North Battleford, and 21 of them are entire home listings. On average, these properties have 1.7 bedrooms and can accept up to 3.3 guests at a time each. There is a large cluster of rentals between 15th Avenue and Diefenbaker Drive, while the other Airbnbs are evenly spread around the town’s area.

The Average Daily Rate in the City of North Battleford is $67. The Occupancy Rates stay at the level of 68% here, while the average monthly Revenue in the town is $531. Even though the performance of the existing properties is not as great as in other cities on this list, North Battleford still has excellent potential for the future.

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