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How to Begin an Effective Business as an Airbnb Host in Victoria, Canada

How to Begin an Effective Business as an Airbnb Host in Victoria, Canada

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Ever fantasized about being your boss, setting your working hours, and earning an income right from your home? It sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? Well, not anymore. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into how to begin an effective business as an Airbnb host in Victoria, Canada, turning your dreams into reality.

How to Begin an Effective Business as an Airbnb Host in Victoria, Canada

Why Victoria, Canada?

Victoria, with its enchanting beauty, rich history, and vibrant arts scene, draws millions of tourists each year. Pair this with the rising trend of Airbnb, and you’ve got an unmissable business opportunity. But what makes Victoria stand out in the Airbnb world?

    1. Tourist Hotspot: Victoria’s Magnificent Pull. According to the City of Victoria’s official site, the city welcomes over 4 million visitors annually from around the world. The Butchart Gardens, one of the most famous attractions, alone draws over a million visitors each year. Craigdarroch Castle, another prime attraction, sees around 150,000 visitors annually. These numbers highlight the city’s significant tourist pull, creating a consistent demand for accommodation.
    2. Victoria’s Resilient Real Estate Market. As per the Multiple Listing Service Home Price Index, the benchmark value for a single-family home in Victoria’s core was $1,424,000 in May 2022. Fast forward a year, the value decreased by 8.9% to $1,297,600 in May 2023, slightly up from April’s value of $1,295,800. This shift indicates a slight cooling down of the property market, providing a more affordable entry point for potential Airbnb hosts. However, even with this adjustment, Victoria’s real estate market remains strong and provides a viable investment opportunity for Airbnb hosting. Remember that property investment isn’t just about the current market situation. It’s a long-term game. Considering Victoria’s tourist appeal and the increasing demand for Airbnb, the city’s real estate can still offer a robust return on investment in the long run.
    3. Growing Demand for Airbnb. Airbnb’s growth in Canada has been phenomenal. As per Airbnb’s data, there were more than 50,000 active listings in Canada as of 2020, a staggering increase from just 550 listings in 2011. This signifies the growing popularity of Airbnb as a preferred choice of accommodation among travelers. When it comes to Victoria specifically, Airbnb reports show that hosts in the city earned over $14 million in 2019, demonstrating the strong demand and potential for profit in the Airbnb market in Victoria.

These numbers all point to the conclusion that Victoria, with its high tourist inflow resilient housing market, and growing preference for Airbnb among travelers, presents an attractive opportunity for starting an effective Airbnb business.

Understanding the Basics: What is Airbnb Hosting?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of running a successful Airbnb in Victoria, let’s get the basics down. In a nutshell, Airbnb allows you to rent out your property — be it a spare room, an entire house, or a unique stay — to travelers seeking a comfortable and authentic living experience.

Who Can Become an Airbnb Host?

Pretty much anyone! If you have a spare property or room and are willing to put in some effort to provide a comfortable stay for your guests, you’re good to go. But, like any other business, succeeding as an Airbnb host requires strategic planning, a customer-centric approach, and a keen understanding of your market.

How to Begin an Effective Business as an Airbnb Host in Victoria, Canada

Step 1: Market Research

Before you jump into the Airbnb business, thorough market research is crucial. This involves analyzing Victoria’s tourism trends, understanding the peak seasons, and studying your potential competitors. Are there popular events that attract more visitors? What types of accommodations are in high demand? Answering these questions will help you carve a niche for yourself in the Airbnb market. Let’s specify:

  • Understanding Victoria’s Peak Seasons. Tourist arrivals tend to peak during the summer months (June to August) in Victoria, with July being the busiest. According to Statistics Canada, in July 2019, the region saw a total of 385,000 overnight visitors. This spike aligns with the good weather and numerous summer events, such as the Victoria International Jazz Festival and Symphony Splash.
  • Studying Your Potential Competitors. AirDNA, a data analysis company, states there are approximately 1,179 active Airbnb rentals in Victoria. It’s crucial to understand what types of properties are most popular. For instance, data from Inside Airbnb shows that entire homes/apartments make up about 87% of listings, while private rooms make up about 13%.
  • Identifying Popular Events. Events such as the Victoria International Jazz Festival and Symphony Splash, as mentioned earlier, tend to attract large numbers of tourists. In 2019, the Jazz festival drew in around 35,000 attendees over ten days, while Symphony Splash attracted more than 40,000 visitors, as per Victoria News.
  • Recognizing High-Demand Accommodations. According to data from Inside Airbnb, whole homes or apartments are typically the most popular type of accommodation, accounting for about 87% of all listings. This is likely due to the privacy, space, and home-like feel they offer, which align with the preferences of most Airbnb users.

By thoroughly analyzing these areas and backing them up with these figures, you can better position your property within Victoria’s Airbnb market to maximize your bookings and profits.

Step 2: Property Selection and Preparation

How to Begin an Effective Business as an Airbnb Host in Victoria

To start an effective Airbnb business in Victoria, Canada, property selection and preparation are pivotal. Choose a property that aligns with guest preferences, such as entire homes or apartments, which make up about 87% of Airbnb listings in Victoria, according to AirDNA. Ideally, the property should be near popular attractions or city centers like Downtown, Fairfield, or James Bay. Once you have the property, ensure it’s immaculate, as cleanliness is a top priority for 80% of guests according to an Airbnb survey. Equip your space with comfortable, appealing furniture, and consider personal touches like a local guidebook or welcome basket, which can increase bookings by 6%, as per Airbnb’s report. High-quality photos are a must, potentially increasing bookings by 40% and allowing for a 26% higher nightly price. By making strategic choices and preparations, you can stand out in Victoria’s competitive Airbnb market.

Step 3: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

To successfully operate an Airbnb business in Victoria, Canada, understanding and adhering to local laws and regulations is crucial. Before listing your property, familiarize yourself with Victoria’s regulations for short-term rentals, which require you to obtain a business license as per the city’s Business Licence Bylaw. Additionally, according to the Municipal and Regional District Tax Program, you need to collect and remit a provincial sales tax and a municipal and regional district tax (3%) on short-term accommodations. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure your property meets all safety standards outlined in the BC Fire Code. Beyond avoiding potential legal ramifications, adhering to these regulations is about providing your guests with a safe, comfortable, and hassle-free stay that instills trust and results in positive reviews.

Step 4: Pricing Strategy

Creating a successful Airbnb business in Victoria requires a nuanced pricing strategy. This strategy must take into account operational costs (covering mortgage or rent, utilities, cleaning fees, maintenance, and licensing costs), competitive rates, and seasonal demand. According to AirDNA, the average nightly price for an Airbnb in Victoria is about $154. Your base price should cover operational costs while still offering room for profit – tools like Airbnb’s Smart Pricing can assist with this. Reviewing platforms such as AirDNA and Inside Airbnb helps maintain competitive rates by comparing your prices to similar listings. Crucially, your pricing approach should be dynamic, adapting to Victoria’s high (June to September) and low tourism seasons. During the high season, for instance, prices can spike up to an average of $193 in July. By strategically balancing these factors, you can establish a competitive and profitable price that ensures consistent bookings while maximizing income during peak periods.

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Step 5: Exceptional Guest Experience

Last but certainly not least, providing an exceptional guest experience is key to your success as an Airbnb host. This means quick and clear communication, easy check-in and check-out processes, and going the extra mile to make your guests feel at home. Remember, happy guests leave positive reviews, which in turn attract more guests!

How to Begin an Effective Business as an Airbnb Host in Victoria

Leveraging Technology for Success

In this digital age, leveraging technology can give you a leg up in the Airbnb business. From smart locks for seamless check-ins to digital guidebooks with local tips, integrating technology can enhance your guest experience and streamline your operations.


Becoming an Airbnb host in Victoria, Canada, isn’t just about opening your doors to guests — it’s about offering a unique and comfortable experience that guests can’t find anywhere else. With the right approach, you can turn your property into a profitable business and become a part of the booming sharing economy. So why wait? Start your Airbnb journey today and witness how your home can transform lives, including your own!

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