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Launching a Successful Airbnb Venture in Ottawa: A Numbers-Based Guide

Launching a Successful Airbnb Venture in Ottawa: A Numbers-Based Guide


Airbnb has become a proven business model around the world. In Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, it’s a particularly lucrative opportunity. According to a study by AirDNA, an Airbnb data provider, Ottawa ranked third in Canada for Airbnb profitability in 2022.

Launching a Successful Airbnb Venture in Ottawa

Understanding the Ottawa Market

Ottawa’s Tourist Appeal

Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is a bustling city offering a plethora of attractions for tourists. From historical sites like Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal to cultural experiences in the ByWard Market, the city caters to a wide range of interests. According to Ottawa Tourism, the city welcomed over 11 million tourists in 2022. This strong tourist appeal provides a constant demand for short-term rental accommodations.

Market Research: Key Metrics to Consider

When conducting market research, you need to look at several important metrics:

Average Daily Rate (ADR): ADR represents the average rental income per paid occupied room in a given time period. In 2022, the ADR for an Airbnb property in Ottawa was around $127 USD. 

Occupancy Rate: This metric shows the proportion of booked days to the total available days. Properties located in downtown Ottawa, for example, experienced a high occupancy rate of 70% in 2022.

Popular Property Types: The type of property that sees the highest demand in Ottawa is a 2-bedroom unit, which accounted for almost 40% of all bookings in 2022.

Regulatory Environment

Understanding the local regulatory environment is crucial to operating within the law. Ottawa implemented new short-term rental rules in 2022. These include hosts requiring a permit costing $110 USD, valid for two years. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines and potentially harm your business’ reputation.

In summary, understanding the Ottawa market requires a deep dive into the local tourism trends, property market metrics, and regulatory landscape. Armed with this information, you can make data-driven decisions and set the stage for a successful Airbnb business.

Finding the Right Property

Securing the right property is crucial for your Airbnb venture. 

Location:  Downtown Ottawa properties boasted an impressive average occupancy rate of 70% in 2022, according to AirDNA. Consider areas with high footfall and proximity to major attractions like Byward Market or Parliament Hill.

Type of Property: In Ottawa, 1-bedroom properties have the highest demand, accounting for almost 31% of all bookings in 2022.

Financing: For financing, Canada’s big five banks offer competitive mortgage rates. As of 2023, the average 5-year fixed mortgage rate is around 2.5%.

Preparing Your Property

Making your property Airbnb-ready involves careful planning and investment.

Furnishing: On average, furnishing a two-bedroom Airbnb property in Ottawa costs around $7500 USD.

Professional Photos: High-quality photos can increase earnings by up to 40%, according to Airbnb. The cost of a professional real estate photographer in Ottawa can range from $100 to $400.

Safety Measures: Following Airbnb’s safety guidelines can save you from potential liabilities. For instance, a comprehensive home insurance policy in Ottawa can cost between $1000 to $ 2,500 annually.

Launching a Successful Airbnb Venture in Ottawa: A Numbers-Based Guide conclusion

Creating a Standout Airbnb Listing

Crafting a compelling Airbnb listing is critical in attracting potential guests and boosting your bookings. A standout listing effectively showcases your property’s features, communicates its value, and sets clear guest expectations.

Creating an Engaging Description

The description is your opportunity to highlight what makes your property unique and appealing. Focus on distinctive features such as decor, amenities, views, or proximity to local attractions. Additionally, you should provide information about the neighborhood and any unique experiences guests can enjoy. Airbnb data suggests that listings with detailed descriptions have higher booking rates.

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Setting a Competitive Price

Pricing your Airbnb property involves a delicate balance. Set it too high, and you risk driving away potential guests; set it too low, and you may not cover your costs or maximize your income. Research similar listings in your area to understand the going rates and adjust your price based on factors such as location, property type, and the amenities you offer. According to Airbnb, listings priced within 5% of their suggested price are 30% more likely to get booked.

Professional Photography

Visual appeal is a crucial aspect of your listing. High-quality, professional photos can dramatically increase the interest in your property. Images should showcase the best features of your property and give potential guests a clear idea of what to expect. According to Airbnb, listings with professional photos can see up to a 40% increase in earnings.

Leveraging Reviews

Guest reviews significantly influence potential guests’ booking decisions. They provide social proof of the quality of your property and your hospitality. A one-point increase in your review score can boost your chances of securing a booking by 14%, as per Airbnb. Therefore, strive to provide excellent service to garner positive reviews.

By crafting an engaging description, setting competitive pricing, using professional photography, and leveraging positive guest reviews, you can create a standout Airbnb listing that sets your business apart in Ottawa’s competitive short-term rental market.

Managing Your Airbnb Business

Proper management is key to running a profitable Airbnb business.

Professional Cleaning: A professional cleaning service in Ottawa costs around $25 per hour. Considering the importance of cleanliness for guests, this is a worthwhile investment.

Communication: Based on information from Airbnb, hosts who respond to guests’ inquiries within one hour are twice as likely to secure a booking.

Record Keeping: Keeping track of expenses and revenues is crucial for assessing your business performance and for tax purposes. In Canada, the tax rate for rental income can range from 15% to 33%, depending on your income bracket.

By leveraging these insights and numbers, you can strategically plan and launch a successful Airbnb business in Ottawa. 

Launching a Successful Airbnb Venture in Ottawa


Entering the Airbnb market in Ottawa presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs. With careful planning, a data-driven approach, and a commitment to providing excellent guest experiences, you can launch a successful Airbnb business. It’s important to regularly monitor the market, adapt to changing regulations, and listen to guest feedback to continually improve and stay competitive. Remember that while numbers and data provide a guiding framework, the human touch in hospitality makes all the difference. With a strong understanding of the Ottawa market and a keen eye on your business metrics, you’re well-positioned to thrive in this exciting industry.

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