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The Ultimate Guide to Vancouver’s Best Neighborhoods for Airbnb Businesses


Vancouver, a bustling global hub for tourists, magnetically draws millions every year with its breathtaking landscape, rich cultural tapestry, and pulsating arts heartbeat. With Airbnb gaining massive traction among tourists, picking the perfect neighborhood becomes pivotal for hosts. A neighborhood’s charm, accessibility, and rental potential can be the difference between a thriving Airbnb business and a dormant one. Dive into this comprehensive breakdown of Vancouver’s premier neighborhoods for Airbnb.


The Ultimate Guide to Vancouver's Best Neighborhoods for Airbnb Businesses Yaletown

Yaletown isn’t just another neighborhood in Vancouver; it’s an immersive experience. Capturing the essence of the city, it seamlessly merges its rich legacy with a contemporary buzz.

Yaletown’s Evolutionary Tale

From its roots as the Western terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway, today’s Yaletown is a kaleidoscope of sleek boutiques, repurposed warehouses, and upscale living quarters. Hosts can amplify their guest experience by intertwining this evolution story.

Housing Dynamics  

Mostly dominated by swanky high-rise condos and rejuvenated lofts, Yaletown is a magnet for a varied audience, from young globe-trotters and couples on romantic getaways to busy business professionals.

Airbnb Metrics Snapshot

  • Active Listings: 95
  • Monthly Revenue: A commendable $2,690
  • Peak Revenue: A striking $3,357 in July
  • Occupancy Rate: Averaging at 87%
  • Peak Occupancy: A full 97% in August
  • Average Daily Rate: $196
  • Market Position: B

The Airbnb metrics in Yaletown present optimistic data. With 95 active listings, the neighborhood has generated an admirable $2,690 in revenue. This peak rises in July, reaching an impressive $3,357. Occupancy rates remain noteworthy, averaging 87% and soaring to 97% in August. Hosts can expect an average daily rate of $196, underscoring Yaletown’s appeal and securing its market ranking comfortably at a B.

The Yaletown Experience  

A gastronomic and shopping paradise, the district boasts an array of sophisticated restaurants and trendy boutiques. From the Blue Water Cafe to the Flying Pig, hosts can curate and share a personal recommendation list, amplifying the guest experience.

Recreational Activities  

Adjacent to the iconic Seawall, Yaletown promises a diverse array of outdoor pleasures. Fitness aficionados also have numerous gyms and yoga studios at their disposal.


With the Yaletown-Roundhouse station of the Canada Line and myriad transportation options, guests can effortlessly explore Vancouver.

West End

The Ultimate Guide to Vancouver's Best Neighborhoods for Airbnb Businesses west

Nestled in Downtown Vancouver, the West End is a melange of the city’s vibrant history, dynamic culture, and business vigor.

Historical Canvas 

One of Vancouver’s vintage districts, the West End blends tales of yesteryears with a progressive spirit, as seen in its architectural symphony of heritage homes and modern skyscrapers.

Diverse Accommodation Spectrum  

The West End resonates with varied accommodations, from classic Edwardian houses to contemporary condominiums, appealing to a broad audience.

Economic Dynamics  

Robson Street, the shopping mecca, is the commercial lifeblood. The neighborhood is continually energized by tourists flocking to landmarks like Stanley Park.

Recreational Spotlight 

Stanley Park is the jewel in West End’s crown, complemented by beachside wonders like English Bay and Sunset Beach, which host events like the renowned Celebration of Light.

Culinary Voyage  

The gastronomic scene mirrors the area’s diverse populace, offering everything from authentic Japanese delicacies on Denman Street to picturesque dining experiences near English Bay.

Transportation Links 

Boasting top-notch connectivity, it’s easy to navigate the West End, whether by public transport or on foot, thanks to its pedestrian-friendly design.

Airbnb Metrics Overview

  • Active Listings: 357
  • Monthly Revenue: An impressive $2,995
  • Peak Revenue: A robust $5,209 in July
  • Occupancy Rate: Holding strong at 85%
  • Peak Occupancy: Reaching 97% in July
  • Average Daily Rate: $192

In the West End of Vancouver, the lodging metrics paint an encouraging picture for prospective hosts and investors. With 357 active listings, the district brought in an admirable $2,995 in revenue. July was a standout month, recording a top revenue of $5,209. The neighborhood maintains a solid 85% occupancy rate, which sees a surge in July, reaching a remarkable 97%. With a mean daily rate of $192, the enduring allure and market demand of the West End is evident.

The Road Ahead  

The West End is gearing towards becoming a pedestrian-centric, eco-conscious neighborhood, aligning with Vancouver’s sustainability vision. The fusion of its rich history, business vitality, picturesque beauty, and city spirit makes it an Airbnb hotspot.

Mount Pleasant

The Ultimate Guide to Vancouver's Best Neighborhoods for Airbnb Businesses Pleasant

Introduction to Mount Pleasant

Nestled in Vancouver’s vibrant core, Mount Pleasant shines as a beacon of artistic flair, inventive spirit, and cultural diversity. Picture artisan cafes, eye-catching murals, and a myriad of dining experiences; you’re encapsulating the allure of Mount Pleasant.

Blending Tradition with Modernity

From its origins as an untouched woodland, Mount Pleasant now seamlessly marries its historical essence with modern urban progression. Architectural wonders from yesteryear stand proudly beside chic urban dwellings, narrating tales of transformation.

Living in Mount Pleasant

Here, one discovers a harmonious blend of classic homes, revamped apartments, and state-of-the-art condos. Its prime locale and distinct vibe draw a varied populace, including creatives and tech maestros.

Economic Pulse

Main Street pulsates as Mount Pleasant’s lifeline, brimming with unique shops, artisan bakeries, and microbreweries, underscoring the neighborhood’s economic vigor.

Spaces of Culture and Leisure

Mount Pleasant buzzes with artistic energy. Dotted with galleries, music spots, and parks like Jonathan Rogers Park, it offers both cultural immersion and urban respites.

Diverse Culinary Adventures

Foodies rejoice in a gastronomic journey here, from international dishes and vegan delights to iconic brunch joints.

Ease of Commute

Mount Pleasant boasts stellar transportation options, ensuring smooth commuting through efficient bus systems, bike paths, and SkyTrain accessibility.

Airbnb Insights

  • Active rentals: 297
  • Revenue: $2,670
  • Max Revenue: June records an impressive $3,807
  • Occupancy rate: A robust 90%
  • Max Occupancy rate: August witnesses a peak with a flawless 100%
  • Average Daily rate: $162
  • Market Grade: A stellar A

Mount Pleasant shines with 297 active listings, generating a revenue of $2,670. The month of June stands out, capturing a notable revenue of $3,807. The occupancy figures are outstanding at 90%, with August setting the benchmark with a full 100% occupancy. An average daily rate of $162 can be anticipated by hosts. With such commendable numbers and the sustained interest in Mount Pleasant, it’s clear why this neighborhood holds an esteemed market rating of A.

Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

The future gleams with prospects for infrastructural strides and a shift towards green urban lifestyles. With pedestrian-centric areas and sustainability projects, Mount Pleasant cements itself as a progressive enclave.


The Ultimate Guide to Vancouver's Best Neighborhoods for Airbnb Businesses Kitsilano

Diving into Kitsilano’s Essence

Fondly termed “Kits”, this coastal jewel combines serene beaches, historic residences, and dynamic urban vibes, creating a sanctuary where urban life kisses ocean tranquility.

Historical Tapestry and Contemporary Appeal

Kitsilano weaves tales from the Coast Salish era to its blossoming as a hippie paradise. This eclectic history subtly permeates its modern facade.

Housing Landscape

Offering everything from scenic Craftsman homes to sleek condos, its ocean vistas and verdant streets beckon diverse demographics.

Airbnb in Focus

  • Active rentals: 359
  • Revenue: $3,272
  • Max Revenue: July records an impressive $4,830
  • Occupancy rate: A robust 91%
  • Max Occupancy rate: August witnesses a peak with a flawless 100%
  • Average Daily rate: $206
  • Market Grade: A stellar A-

Kitsilano, a shining jewel on Vancouver’s coastline, showcases a thriving Airbnb scene with an impressive 359 active listings. These varied accommodations have successfully secured an average monthly earning of $3,272 for hosts. Yet, the allure of ‘Kits’ in the summertime is evident, with revenues soaring to $4,830 in the month of July. As for occupancy, this scenic locale consistently boasts an average of 91%, remarkably maxing out at 100% during the sun-drenched days of August. The robust demand is further highlighted by an average daily rate of $206, reinforcing Kitsilano’s consistent attractiveness to travelers.

Business and Lifestyle Hub

West 4th Avenue pulsates with boutique shops, gyms, and organic dining spots, resonating with Kitsilano’s wellness and style-conscious ethos.

Recreation and Wellness Centers

The iconic Kits Beach and the adjacent Kitsilano Pool form the recreational core, while yoga centers emphasize the locale’s holistic approach.

Culinary Landscape

From farm-fresh bistros, and artisan cafes to world cuisines, Kitsilano’s food scene promises epicurean delights.

Connectivity and Transit

With superior walkability and cycling trails, efficient buses ensure Kitsilano remains a connected yet peaceful retreat.

Arts and Education

Housing institutions like the Museum of Vancouver, and Kitsilano stand as hubs for both learning and artistic endeavors.


The Ultimate Guide to Vancouver's Best Neighborhoods for Airbnb Businesses Gastown

Stepping into Gastown

As Vancouver’s oldest district, Gastown fuses age-old elegance with urban zest. Its historical lanes, dotted with modern marvels, recount tales of the city’s heritage.

Historical Gems and Contemporary Innovations

Gastown’s rich legacy is amplified by landmarks like the Gastown Steam Clock, which blends with modern boutiques and art hubs.

Business and Creativity Confluence

Water Street brims with diverse businesses, from gourmet restaurants to quaint shops. Gastown also thrives as an epicenter for creative startups.

Night-time Revelries and Artistic Experiences

When night falls, Gastown comes alive with vibrant nightlife, cultural festivals, and spontaneous performances.

Airbnb Snapshot

  • Active rentals: 69
  • Revenue: $3,634
  • Max Revenue: August records an impressive $5,942
  • Occupancy rate: A robust 88%
  • Max Occupancy rate: September witnesses a peak with a flawless 96%
  • Average Daily rate: $198
  • Market Grade: A stellar B+

Gastown, seamlessly merging historic allure with contemporary energy, stands out in Vancouver’s Airbnb landscape. As of now, 69 active Airbnb listings grace the district, catering to a varied clientele, from those keen on history to city-loving explorers. Revenue-wise, Gastown hosts see a handsome average of $3,634 each month. However, summer’s charm, particularly in August, elevates this to a whopping $5,942. With occupancy rates consistently impressive at around 88%, it’s intriguing to note that September, known for its pleasant climate and tranquil post-summer ambiance, sees a peak rate of 96%. This unwavering demand mirrors in the average daily rate of $198, further highlighting Gastown’s enduring attractiveness in the Airbnb domain.

For Airbnb hosts, Gastown’s magnetism is clear-cut. To host in this storied district is more than just offering lodgings. It’s an opportunity to present travelers with a distinctive voyage through Vancouver’s rich tapestry of history and its modern aspirations.


It’s essential to recognize that as cities evolve, the allure of various neighborhoods can shift. New districts may rise in popularity among tourists, while once sought-after areas might experience a drop in demand. As an Airbnb host, it’s vital to be in tune with the changing dynamics, always keeping a finger on the pulse of city trends. Adapting your rental property to meet these shifts can ensure you remain a competitive choice for potential guests.

Furthermore, adhering to local regulations is paramount. Specifically, in Vancouver, Airbnb hosts must navigate a stringent set of rules. These include securing a business license, being consistent with tax obligations, and ensuring the property aligns with safety and accessibility benchmarks. Before diving into the Airbnb realm, a comprehensive understanding of these regulations is crucial to ensuring your hosting endeavors are both lawful and ethical.

Read more about Airbnb Regulations in Vancouver here.

Beyond just compliance, the key to thriving in the Airbnb market lies in the experience you provide. Elevating the guest experience by offering top-notch service, pristine living conditions, and thoughtful amenities can set your property apart. Prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of your guests can lead to repeat bookings and glowing reviews, which in turn can significantly bolster your occupancy rates and rental revenue.

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