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7 Reasons Why Professional AirBNB Managers Can Help You Run A 5-Star Operation

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For those with guest rooms and rental homes in Vancouver, business has been booming since AirBnB launched in 2008. Vancouver residents have been using Airbnb to supplement their income and cover their travel expenses. To date, there are some 6,600 Airbnb listings in Vancouver alone. Along with individual listing growth, the need for professional AirbnB management has grown, and for good reason.

In the beginning, operating an Airbnb can be a lot of fun. You get to play a part in other people’s adventures by offering a safe and comfortable place to stay. Eventually, the full workload and responsibility of hosting is realized. All the details that need to be tended to can become quite cumbersome. Instead of earning a passive income, you can end up spending all your extra time working to maintain a 5-star listing amidst your busy life.

If you’re a traveller, hosting guests can be hard because you can’t be in town to meet them. Being an AirBNB host and AirBNB traveller at the same time can seem impossible.

But take heart! There is a solution. Property owners are turning to vacation rental management companies to ease their workload and make their space stand out next to the competition.

Here are 7 reasons why Airbnb management companies can help you run a 5 star Airbnb operation without having to lift a finger.

1. They’ve got the Energy

Most people that own Airbnb properties also have full or part-time jobs. This makes fielding reservations, communicating with current and potential guests, and setting up check-ins at all hours of the day challenging. Not to mention the cleaning between guests and dealing with unexpected surprises that you may or may not be equipped to handle. Management companies can take care of all of that. They have the time, energy, and focus because that’s their full-time job. They also know how to automate things wherever necessary. With a manager on your team, that Superhost status may be closer than you thought.

2. Experience – They’ve Seen It All

Becoming a host on Airbnb can entail quite the learning curve. If you haven’t worked in hospitality, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of details involved with guest and listing management. Airbnb managers have seen it all. From decorating and designing your space, to listing your property and managing the calendar, they can handle it. When it comes to maintenance issues, dealing with tough guests, and middle-of-the-night lockouts, you’ll be covered. They know how to deal with each situation in a professional and personal way.

AirBNB hosting Vancouver Whistler In Person Service3. In-Person Service

If you’re already a host, you know that a check-in can sometimes take 2-3 hours because of delays and details. Management companies hire friendly and knowledgeable staff that can be on-site to welcome your guests for you. Professional hosts can answer any questions your guests may have about the best places to visit during their stay and extend the hospitality that you would bring yourself. A company can have a person on site in a timely manner when maintenance issues arise or special requests are made. Your work and home life need not be interrupted, yet your guests will still be receiving 5-star superhost service.

4. 24-Hour Availability

An Airbnb management company is able to be on call for any eventuality. Lockouts can sometimes happen in the middle of the night. When working with an Airbnb manager, you can rest easy knowing they will be there to take care of it. This 24-hour availability increases security and oversight of your guests and property.

5. Security – Vetting and Approving the Right Guests

Vetting Guests

Speaking of security, Airbnb managers are able to screen for problem guests because they have learned the right questions to ask and what answers are suspicious. It’s important to ensure that guests are booking a space that will meet their vacation needs, while also making sure they are a fit for your property. Connecting the right guests with the right space is key to keeping guests happy and your ratings up. Veteran Airbnb users can utilize the Instant Book option (a function that many hosts are hesitant to use) without compromising the security of your home, because they know how to use the house rules to cancel on guests if they show signs of trouble before check-in.

Making Claims

Another aspect of security is resolving any problems or claims once the guest checks out. This process can be a pain. Airbnb requires that resolutions are opened before the arrival of the next guest, so it’s important to deal with claims immediately. A management company can send someone to check the property and ensure everything is safe and sound between guests while you are away. If there is a problem that needs resolving, they can begin that process right away and receive compensation. They are familiar with the claims process and know how to succeed in claims against difficult guests.

AirBNB Pricing and Calendar Optimization Heart Homes

6.  Listing and Pricing – AirBnB Management

Through experience, Airbnb managers have learned all the tricks of the trade to ensure you are filling your property while receiving top-dollar for your property. Managers tweak the calendars and optimize pricing based on seasonal price spikes and current events in the area. The act of managing a calendar and pricing can be tricky business so this service alone essentially pays for the cost of service from a professional Airbnb management team. The best AirBNB management service providers can raise the total revenue on an Airbnb listing enough to cover their cost of their own service. Professional Photography and Staging for Airbnb Hosts in Vancouver and Whistler

7. Presentation – Show Off Your Best Side

High-quality design and decorating can take a listing from mediocre to spectacular. The top AirBNB management companies hire professional designers, stagers, and photographers to optimize your AirBNB listing and make your place POP. An experienced host can design a beautiful, yet functional home for guests without drastically changing the space. Investing in the design of your space can boost your revenue by up to 20 percent.

To become competitive in a growing Airbnb market, hire a professional AirBNB management company like HeartHomes – operating out of Vancouver, Whistler, and Tofino, Canada. We have the time, the experience, and the energy to take you to Superhost status while you travel the world.

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